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The Forgotten Bridge near Čapljina

When a number of tourists, in their search for peace and nature, head to visit Herzegovinian Nature Park “Hutovo blato”, they go past the small bridge in Klepci, Čapljina. The bridge is one of the oldest examples of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, although the bridge is only …

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International Archaeology Week

Every year the students of United World College Mostar instead of excursion like in our schools are organizing several projects in BiH and surrounding countries. This year incooperation with Archeological website Arheon.org  we have organized an Archaeology Project Week.  It consisted out of few lectures, two fieldtrips and a workshop on …

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3D – Stone Chairs – Ošanići

  If you can’t open this you can try low resolution model:https://sketchfab.com/models/448bc38c769043169c9dd37dca19c348 Two stone chairs near the church of St. Peter and Paul in Ošanići. There are two inscriptions on the larger one. Under the rendering options in the lower right corner you can turn the Matcap on to get …

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Interview with Gustav Wollentz

At the moment, Gustav Wollentz, a PhD Candidate in Archaeology from the Graduate School of Human Development in landscapes, Kiel University (Germany) is doing a research project, and Mostar is taken as one of his case studies. Even though he is carrying out his PhD thesis in Germany, Gustav originally …

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Fictional Narrative: “Slavic Pantheon”

During the 19th century, in romantic-era of intrigue and enthusiasm for classical mythology we see many attempts to restore various mythologies, modeled on the mythological cycles of classical Greece and Rome, placing collected information in the same narrative-symbolic frame. Amongst such attempts of reconstruction, “Slavic mythology” is no exception. The …

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